Treaty Education Speakers Bureau

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I’m very excited to showcase this branding project with the Office of Aboriginal Affairs & Treaty Education Nova Scotia. They’ve assembled the Treaty Education Speakers Bureau, which will include a number of Mi’kmaq presenters, artists, and crafters to share their knowledge. Subjects will range from treaty rights & history to the culture of the Mi’kmaw here in Atlantic Canada.

Storytelling, in its many forms, has always played a considerable part in Mi’kmaw culture. Deeply planted roots of those stories are traced back to the petroglyphs of Kejimkujik Park & McGowan Lake, Nova Scotia. It was from those living-cultural elements in our heritage that I drew inspiration for the Speakers Bureau brand visuals. By using artistic expressions of our culture’s past, we can harness the power of the present and look towards the future on this journey of reconciliation and healing.

The Speakers Bureau logo you see is based on the floral-motif petroglyph, which uses the popular double-curve motif as inspiration for its form. This symbol is prominent in traditional Mi’kmaq art, clothing, and regalia. Its elegant, plant-like form emanates growth and the budding of understanding; the perfect symbol to represent the Bureau.

Wela’lin | Thank You


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