Creative Brief

    This brief will help focus our intentions and stronghold your overall message. By breaking down any communication barriers, we can be sure the finished product conveys an appropriate narrative, fitting your brand perfectly.

    Personal Information

    Just a few of the basics for the main contact.

    Business Information

    Coining a new business name can be tough. If coming up with a name or slogan is something you want help with, let's chat. If you don't yet have this information, go ahead and skip this part.

    Aligning Visual Identity

    Asking these questions on the spot during a live consultation can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Great things take time! With that in mind, I made this form so you have a little more to think about your answers. If you have any questions, please shoot me a message.

    *Please feel free to skip this part if you don't have any starting ideas, I am happy to explore all paths with the details you've provided in this form.

    How do you want your brand to be perceived by customers or clients?

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    Explore all the possibilities! Where do you want your logo to shine?

    Logo Styles

    Being precise with my classifications of style helps narrow down the perfect logo for your business. I breakdown the difference between a Wordmark, Lettermark & Letterform, along with several other types. Think about where your logo will be used and seen. If it's going on more than stationery, you also need to think about scalability. Most logos need to be able to "work" as small as 3 centimeters.


    An abstract logo is an impressionistic visualization relating to art in the traditional sense, emphasizing linework, colour & generalized forms. Accompanied by your brand's name, it's a great way to say it (without saying it).


    Emblem logos are a blend of your brand name, symbols, or pictorials within crests, shields, or geometric shapes.


    A lettermark is an abbreviation of your brand name, similar to a monogram, just for your brand. HBO is a great example of that.


    A letterform is just one letter used to represent your brand name. This is usually accompanied by the name of your brand or project.


    It could be fun to create a character to represent your brand. Who doesn't love Mr. Clean?


    On the traditional side of things, we have the pictorial mark. Think, Folgers. They have a wonder mountainscape with rolling hills and a bursting sun. They also have that recognizable typeface as their wordmark. You know the one.

    Symbol or Brandmark

    These logotypes are typically stand-alone graphics that work beside your brand name by accenting your logo but aren't necessarily needed. If you get to be so well-known that you can drop the name beside the symbol, that's a win!


    A wordmark is a customized design of your brand name that includes an emphasis on a stand-alone, stylized typeface only. Elements such as colour, kerning, and style are the key elements in representing your business without additional symbols or pictorials.

    Combination Mark

    A combination mark is a blend of a wordmark, letterform, lettermark, pictorial, abstract mark or mascot logotype with an added typographic treatment of your brand name, showcasing both.

    Using the range sliders below, please select between each opposing pair of values, best communicating how you envision your logo. Tap, click or slide to make your selections. If you cannot decide, leave the slider in Netural.